Sequencer Boxes

Drills and Root posts of high precision, fabricated and presented in Sequencer boxes.

Sequencer boxes are provided in 7 different compositions for each size of posts (color). It offers the practitioner a wide range of variety based on his technical and work habits.



Esthetics: specially designed for Stabyl® Systems.
Ergonomic: independent opening of a single finger,
easy grip of parts.
Visuals: time saving for the choice of tenons.
Practical: with their transparent card for reassortments.
Stable: equipped with anti-slip pads.
Evolutives: Sequencers assemble themselves by an exclusive system of clips.


Drills – Mandrels: single
Stamp Holders – Calcinables – Provisoires: bag of 12
Prov’inox tenons: bag of 12
Tenons titanium: bag of 6
Perm’inox pegs: pack of 12
Fiberglass Holders: bag of 6
Tenons Peek: bag of

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