Syringe for the injection of impression materials

À système de remplissage incorporé pour l’injection de matériaux d’empreinte


  • Simple and efficace incorporated filling system*
  • Metallic needle tips to inject elastomers
    The fineness and the length of the metallic needle tips allows the injection of the material from the bottom and ensures that dental impressions will be taken without bubbles or stress.
    Precise injection directly into the sulcus.
    Easy injection of pins, anchorages, and pulpal or root canal preparations.
  • Closer to the injection zone.
  • Effortless injection, total control of the injection pressure.
  • Control of material flow without any discontinuity (Trigger return).
  • Plastic needle tip to inject alginates
    Adapter Mounted tip provided.
    * Quick filling without air trapping:
    on the mixing block or from a mixing tip, a dispensing gun or automatic mixers.
    Allows to visualize the amount of charged material for the impression.
  • Ideal orientation of the injection nozzle.
  • Precise injection without any air bubbles.
  • No missings, injection in the axis of the pressure.
  • Simple and fast cleaning.
  • Sterilizable.
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